Balet Koparyczny / work in progress

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  • 01 October 2015 9.00 PM duration: 30 min. Teatr Powszechny - foyer FREE OD CHARGE

fot. studioFILMLOVE

concept, choreography, performance: Iza Szostak
dramaturgy: Anka Herbut
video, stage design: Wojtek Pustoła
music: Kuba Słomkowski
space: Łukasz Kwietniewski
production: Cricoteka, Fundacja Ciało/Umysł
partner: Bergerat Monnoyeur Sp. z o.o.
production manager: Dominik Skrzypkowski
Projekt realizowany w ramach programu kuratorskiego „Maszyna Choreograficzna”
Anny Królicy w Ośrodku Dokumentacji Sztuki Tadeusza Kantora – Cricoteka w Krakowie.
the artist is a member of the Centrum w Ruchu.

Work in progress is based on direct quotations from Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet. Schlemmer’s geometric costumes, however, are replaced by a heavy duty excavator. The machine becomes an armor, but also a framework for movement, while a dancer’s body is the source of that movement.

The artist completed excavator operator training as a vital part of preparations for this project. The process of acquiring new skills brings anew the question of human-object dependence. The excavator becomes an extension of the dancer’s body. A hybrid emerges based on a special kind of relationship. The dancer transcends the limits of her body, expands the scope of its influence, but at the same time adjusts her expression to the language of the machine. This specific temporary contact is situated someplace between antagonism and symbiosis.

The choreographer brings out the perversity of a situation wherein the body becomes a mind while the machine becomes a body, highlighting the false body-object opposition.