Teatr Studio box office
phone 22 656 69 41

Promotion and Sales Department
phone 22 620 21 02

The Big Scene: 20-30 zł
Malarnia Scene: 15-20 zł
Modelatornia Scene: 10 zł
Festival Passes: 168-228 zł

Tickets can be bought
online via www.teatrstudio.pl/repertuar
and in the ticket office of Teatr Studio

Tickets for professionals
10 zł
Registration forms should be sent before 3 p.m., September 9th to:
rezerwacja@cialoumysl.pl, the amount of seats is limited
Registration form

Tickets for the "Clean Room" play
50 zł (the price for three parts of the play, performed on September 23rd, 25th and 27th)
Only tickets for the whole project are available
This play does not honour passes, professional or student tickets
Only 50 seats!

If you have any questions regarding transportation, accommodation or ticket reservation, please contact Beata Tatarczuk b.tatarczuk@cialoumysl.pl.