Juan Domínguez Rojo Spain
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Juan Domínguez Rojo is performer, choreographer, stage director and curator. he is based and works at the cities Madrid and Berlin. He studied ballet, contemporary dance and video in Spain and USA. He received several grants to study at Movement Research in New York. Since 1987 he works as a performer and artistic assistant with different choreographers and companies in Europe. Since 1992 he develops his own work, predicated on questions of the theatre as medium, the parameters of dance: time and space. Exploring the relationship between the different codes, his works advocate the complete dissolution between fiction and reality.
Latest tiles: the taste is mine 2000, all good spies are my age 2002. the application 2005, seven attempted escapes from silence (opera) 2005, shichimi togarashi 2006, all good artistes my age are dead 2007, from … to … (research project) 2007, don’t even think about it 2008, blue 2009, clean room (pilot) 2010, characters arriving 2011, clean room (1st season) 2012, Pausa 2012, sit down! comedy 2013.
He was artist in residence in Podewil (Berlin) 2004 and 2005.
Since 2003 till 2012 he is artistic director of the Festival In-Presentable/La Casa Encendida, Madrid.
Since 2010 he is co designer of Living Room Festival (Berlin, Madrid).
In 2013 he curates the programs: Somewhere in between fiction and reality at BUDA-Kortrijk, From Fiction to Friction at Fudation Cartier-Paris and Picnic Sessions at CA2M-Madrid.
Coach of Master in Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture (UAH / ARTEA) 2010.
Director of the laboratory “stage creation and media” Master in Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture (UAH / ART) in 2011 and 2012.