After 10 editions of reflection on dance and history in the 20th century, in 2012 the Body/Mind Festival will take us into new realms of art of the 21st century.

dance/ing emotions

In contemporary, particularly avant-garde, art, emotions are an absolute taboo. Many brilliant artists who work with modern strategies and concepts, developed through years of practice, on the one hand avoid the topic of emotions, but on the other develop an interest in the language of the body and its expression. This internal contradiction finds peculiar manifestations in both form and content of their work...

We think we live in a safe, stable world… and yet we are accompanied by constant anxiety. Despite the extraordinary civilizational leap, despite economic and technological development, people remain alienated and concerned not only about their futures, but also about the state of the mind which accompanies them in their everyday lives. 11th edition of the Body/Mind Festival will take a closer look at this state of the mind, through dance.

Body/Mind performances use new technologies, superb dancing techniques, and the whole stage “machinery” to show that even without war, without mass extinction and heavy traumas, while living our everyday lives and struggling with how we were raised and what has been stifled in us, we are constantly accompanied by fear and questions, by dreams of love and fulfillment and of belonging to a community. What we are offering at the Festival is not a historical narrative, but the narrative of an individual entangled in politics, in the society and in his or her profession, namely, the profession of a dancer, an artist.

The Festival will be an occasion to examine how emotions have been represented and interpreted in European art of the last decade. What inspires emotions? How do artists convey sadness, suffering, fear, melancholia, tenderness, and joy in their performances with the use of gesture, face expression, and body language? The program features over a dozen performances by Polish and European artists, workshops, an installation, discussions, and meeting with the artists.

Our views on emotions and their relationship to the mind or intellect do not change with time. Let us give in to and confront emotions which accompany the presented works; let is reflect and on our own.

Edyta Kozak
Artistic Director C/U